Productions after January 1st 2010 in reverse chronological order.
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ad - assistant director / agc - agency creatives & clients / art - art director / au - aerial unit / bcop - B camera operator / cd - casting director / ch - choreographer / cop - camera operator / co-pro co-producer / cs - capture system / dir - director / dp - director of photography /  e - editor / ep - executive producer / fs - food stylist / hr - hair / im - incidental music / lm - location manager / loc - location / lpc - local production company / ls - location scout / mix - mixer / ms music supervisor / mu - make up / mv - # of music videos completed / ol - online editor / pc - production company / pfx - post effects / pm - production manager / ppp - post production producer / pro - producer / sb - storyboards / sc - steadicam / scr - scriptwriter / sd - shooting date / snt - stunts / sr - sound recordist / ss - script supervisor / st - stylist / tc - telecine / web - what it says

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sd September 30th, October 1st, 2nd, 19th - 23rd, 26th, November 3rd, 7th, 9th 2015
loc Various Los Angeles CA, Sweetwater, Fort Wayne Indiana, Kirkby Lonsdale, England
cast John Helliwell, Albert Lee, John Mader, Dave Marotta, Simon Phillips, Tim Simonec, Chris Standing,
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon C-100
e Eddi Ackit
dirt  tba

df634 DALLAS SMITH - Kids With Cars
 October 4th 2015
loc M&V Auto, San Fernando Road, Pacoima, CA,
cast  Cheerleaders: Alia Little, Cerise Marchan, Chantal Plamandon; Mechanic: Justin Burbage; CRX kids: Ronnie Alvarez, Omar Chavez, Joni Beauchesne, Portia Bartley, Linda Alvarez; Mustangers: Taylor Reyes, Christian Lopez.
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
ad K.C. Grim
dp Cale Finot
cs Red
art Juam Mabson
st Kendall Capito
ed Eddi Ackit
mv 360
dirt  tba

sd August 21st,22nd,25th 2015
loc Phantom Recordings, Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, CA
cast Simon Phillips, Andy Timmons, Steve Weingart, Ernest Tibbs
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon C-100
e Eddi Ackit
dirt This production features performance footage shot in Bulgaria by an unkown 3rd party crew. Whoever you are, Thank-you..

df632 HOLLY PALMER - Big Heart Poppa / Joys Along
Capra Road, Santa Clarita
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon C-100
e Eddi Ackit
mv 358, 359

sd 18th July 2015
loc Village Studios, Butler Ave., Santa Monica
cast Brian Bromberg, Gregg Bissonette
dir Nigel Dick, Steve Tobenkin
dp D.P. Quickly, Steve Tobenkin
cs Canon C-100, Canon 7D
e Steve Tobenkin

sd 28th June 2015
loc Buxted, East Sussex, England
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon PowerShot S110
e Eddi Ackit

df 629 DIX TRIPS - Holkham Hall
25th June 2015
loc Holkham Hall, Norfolk, England
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon C-100
e Eddi Ackit
dirt Holkham Hall is one of Britain's 10 Treasure Houses. The Hall is incredible inside and Holkham Beach, also part of the estate, is one of my favourite spots on this earth.

df 628 ANY TROUBLE - Glen Campbell
22nd, 23rd June 2015
loc Various, Uppermill, Lancashire, England
cast Joe Harrison
dir Nigel Dick
pro Clive Gregson, Andy Murray
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon C-100
cd Georgina Andrew, Lime Actors Agency & Management
e Eddi Ackit
mv 357
dirt Glen Campbell wrote a song called Any Trouble so Clive Gregson figured he had to respond.

df 627 NICKELBACK - Satellite
26th, 29th May 2015
loc Copra Road, Santa Clarita; Wrightwood Lane, Los Angeles CA; Stuff Studios Los Angeles CA
cast Ky Mahone (young gangster), Megan Ozurovich (the girl)
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
ad K.C. Grim
pm Ryan Barnes
dp Mego Lin
bcop D.P. Quickly
ccop Bernard Evans
cs Red Epic, Canon C-100
art Erika Ann Walters
mu Minaho Takahashi
st Kendall Capito
cd David Kang, Becky Wu
e Eddi Ackit
tc Marshall LaPlante (NTropic)
sfx Blacklist
mv 356
dirt We shot the exploding champagne bottles in my basement. Chad's text on seeing the shot read: "Now that's an explosion of champagne!"

df 626 NICKELBACK - Get Em Up
26th, 27th May 2015
loc Copra Road, Santa Clarita and Center Street, Taft CA
cast Ky Mahone (young gangster), Todd Howard (Jim), Megan Ozurovich (the girl), Rigo Obezo (Cop 1) Andre B. Walker? (Cop 2)
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
ad K.C. Grim
pm Ryan Barnes
dp Mego Lin
bcop D.P. Quickly
cs Red Epic, Canon C-100
art Erika Ann Walters
mu Minaho Takahashi
st Kendall Capito
cd David Kang, Becky Wu
e Eddi Ackit
tc Marshall LaPlante (NTropic)
sfx Blacklist
mv 355
dirt Jim's hog, a Honda 125, was specifically requested by me in homage to my first ever motorcycle.

df625 DALLAS SMITH - Cheap Seats
January / February 2015
loc Various, Canada
dir Various
dp Various
cs Red, Canon 5D, GoPro and others
e Eddi Ackit
tc NTropic

df624 DIX TRIPS (Vol. 43) - 7th Settlement 
21st-23rd March 2015
loc Dover New Hampshire
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon PowerShot S110
e Eddi Ackit

df623 DIX TRIPS (Vol.41) - The Red Arrow Diner 
22nd March 2015
loc Manchester, New Hampshire
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon PowerShot S110
e Eddi Ackit

df 622 CANON BTS
4th,5th,6th,7th March 2015
loc Las Vegas NV, Valley Of Fire NV
cs Canon C100 MkII
dirt Our Vegas location featured in Scorsese's Casino. 

df 621 NICKELBACK - She Keeps Me Up
3rd February 2015
loc 333 Club, S. Boylston Street, LA, CA
cast Appelusa McGlyn (Rollerskating Waitress), Isiah Lucas (God Of Funk), Ivo Peshev (Bartender), Jessica Lee (Girl at bar), John Gibbons (Dancing dude),
Lexei Contursi (Party going girl),Megan Ozurovich (Party going girl), Porscha Coleman (Singing Go-Go girl), Tianna Peters (Girl at bar), Toni Duclotti (Girl at bar), Yuki Ito (Girl at bar) 
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
ad K.C. Grim
pm Ryan Barnes
dp Greg Ephraim
cs Arri Alexa, Canon C-100
art JC Molina
mu Misa Alkawa
st Kendall Capito
cd David Kang, Becky Wu
e Eddi Ackit
tc Marshall LaPlante (NTropic)
sfx Blacklist
mv 354
dirt The Roller-skating Waitress, Appelusa McGlyn, is a World Champion in the synchronised skating event.

df 620 DALLAS SMITH - Lifted
6th, 7th January 2015
loc Toto's Palmdale Blvd, Longview Blvd., Palmdale, CA
cast Mariano "Big Dog" Sanchez (The Big Man) Angie Sanchez (The Angel), J.C. Molina (Volvo Driver), Lupe from Toto's (Waitress), Sara Lacombe (Flower Girl), KC Grim (DJ Voice)
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
ad K.C. Grim
pm Sara Lacombe
dp Bernard Evans
cs Red Dragon
art JC Molina
mu Michico Suzuki, Kendall Capito
st Kendall Capito
cd David Kang
e Eddi Ackit
tc Trevor Durtschi @ Ntropic
mix Joe Ramos @ Juice
fx Gloria FX
mv 353
dirt KC Grim (our AD who did the DJ voice-over) used to be the morning DJ at KOOL FM Phoenix, WLAV Grand Rapids, KMBY Monterey and WBZN Bangor Maine

6th December 2014
loc Playa Del Ray CA, 
dir Nigel Dick
dp DP Quickly
cs Canon C100
e Eddi Ackit
dirt Once upon a time Mr. Vincent and myself used to live in the same apartment building.

df 618 FIFTH HARMONY - All I Want For Christmas Is You
19th November 2014
loc Stuff Studios, LA, CA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
ad Saleem Beasley
pm Hayley Wright
dp Nico Wiesnet
cs Arri Alexa
art JC Molina
mu Alexis Verdugo
hr Sheenon Olsen
st Eric Archibald
e Eddi Ackit
tc Narbeh Tatoussian @ Blacklist Digital
mv 352
dirt My cleaner thought there'd been a party in the house after this one.That red glitter gets everywhere.

various 2014, 18th Feb, 25th Feb, Oct 6th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 28th, 29th 2015
loc Anaheim, San Dimas CA, 
cast Mike Hill, Patrick Copeland, John Flanagan, Dan Franklin, Johnny Gomez, Jimmy Keegan, David Kidd, Mike Lewis, Pat Leon, Sheena Loza, Todd McCool, Noel Melaino, Frank Reina, Jason Smith,  
dir Nigel Dick
pro Mike Hill
dp DP Quickly
cs Canon C100
e Eddi Ackit

df 616 DALLAS SMITH - Wastin' Gas
3rd November 2014
loc Trousdale Ferry Pike, Lebanon TN
cast Jazmin Scheitel (the girl), Jordan Von Tagen (the boy). 
lpc Tiny Terror Production Company
dir Nigel Dick
pro Jennifer Rothlein
ad Dwayne Logan
pm Kristina Russo
dp Roger Pistole
bcop D.P. Quickly
cs Red Dragon
art Diana Rice
mu / hr Gina Ketchum (Dallas), Amanda Dixon (actors)
e Eddi Ackit
tc Gavin Fisher at Fisher Film Works
mv 351
dirt Everyone one of the wrecks featured in the video runs!

df615 DIX TRIPS (Vol.40) - A Trip To Tahoe
18th, 19th October 2014
loc I-395, Mono Lake CA, Lake Tahoe NV
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
bcop Secret Agent Honey Lake
cs Canon PowerShot S110
e Eddi Ackit

14th, 15th October 2014
loc PCH, Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, CA
cast Christian Vande Velde, Dave Zabriskie, Bill Walton, Steven Pearce (US Parlympic Athlete) & others.
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon C100, Canon PowerShot S100
e Eddi Ackit
dirt I turned down the offer to do the ride myself because my knees hurt...then I met the challenged athletes and realized what a pathetic excuse that was.

2nd - 4th, 7th, 8th October 2014
loc Various, LA

df612a DIX TRIPS (Vol.42) - Willie Nelson & Friends Museum
12th June 2014
loc Nashville TN
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon PowerShot S110
e Eddi Ackit

10th, 11th, June 2014
loc Draughton Brothers Farm, 4312 Draughton Rd., Springfield TN
cast JD Souther (Grandpa Winter), Lindsay Heyser & Ryan Johns (Younger Winters), Sarah Corey & Todd Bush (40s Winters), Beau Sensing (Junior).
lpc Tiny Terror Production Company 
dir Nigel Dick
pro Jennifer Rothlein
ad Phillip Tuck
pm Dona Spangler
dp Roger Pistole
bcop CK Cates
cs Red Dragon
art Rob Sawyer
st Lisa Ensminger
ppp Paul Bock
e Eddi Ackit
tc Marshall Plante (NTropic)
mix Juice West
mv 350
dirt JD Souther, who wrote one of my favourite Eagles tunes, also appeared in df 446.
Winner "Duo Video Of The Year" 2015 CMT Music Awards
Nominated for "Video Of The Year" 2015 CMT Music Awards

df 611 ELYAR FOX - A Billion Girls
sd 4th, 5th, 6th, 12th March 2014
loc Venice Beach, LAX, CA
cast Anna Frick (the girl),
dir Nigel Dick
pro / ad Paul Bock
ad KC Grim
pm Theo Brooks
dp Vance Burberry
bcop D.P. Quickly
cs Arri Alexa / Canon 7D
art Brandon Mendez
mu Debbie Gallagher (Elyar Fox), Tamami Ito (cast)
st Kendall Capito
e Eddi Ackit
sfx Shariar Rahman
tc Marshall Plante (NTropic)
mv 349
dirt When Elyar quietly busted out some Hendrix chops on his acoustic I knew he was the real deal.

df610 HOLLY PALMER - The Album
sd 26th, 27th, 28th January, 27th, 30th March, 12th October 2014
loc Hope & First, Genghis Cohen, Pasadena, Stuff Studios LA
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon AF300, Canon 7D
mu Homa Safar
st Franzy Staedter
e Eddi Ackit
mv 346, 347,348. ("I Dare You To Love Me", My Heart Is Breaking", Vanity")
dirt Holly's album is produced by Pete Glenister, who features heavily in df 518 and 519.

df609 BACKTRACK - Fastball - "The Way"
 26th,29th,30th December 2013, 21st, 24th, 25th January 2014
loc Austin, Texas (various), Salado, Texas (various), Burbank CA
cast Julian Raymond, Tony Scalzo, Joey Shuffield, Miles Zuniga, Rob Seidenberg & Erin Conroy (the driver).
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon 7D
e Eddi Ackit
dirt .

df608 DIX TRIPS (Vol.39) - The Road to El Paso
sd 24th December 2013
loc 10 Fwy, Texas
dir Nigel Dick
cs GoPro

df607 PROTOCOL II - Rockfabrik
 19th October 2013
loc Phantom Recordings Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, California
cast Simon Phillips, Ernest Tibbs, Andy Timmons, Steve Weingart
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon XF300
e Eddi Ackit
dirt It's much easier to cut music in 4/4 than 13/4.

df606 DIX TRIPS (Vol.34) - A Day Trip To Uruguay

18th September 2013
loc Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon Powershot S110
Platinum REMI award Houston WorldFest International Film & TV Festival 2015 - Best web series more than 3 episodes

df605 DIX TRIPS (Vol.35/36) - City Of Evita / Horse Racing In Argentina

 10th-21st September 2013
loc Buenos Aires, Argentina
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon Powershot S110

df604 DIX TRIPS (Vol.37) - Parasailing The Crystal Coast

1st - 9th August 2013
loc Beaufort North Carolina
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
bcop Graham Redmond
cs Canon Elph / iPhone

df603 CRYSTAL COAST TOURISM AUTHORITY - Imagination Vacation / Restaurant Week Fisherman
 7th, 8th, 9th August 2013
loc Fort Macon, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, North Carolina
agc The Zimmerman Agency: John Towler (ACD-Art Director), TJ Aseltyne (Senior Copywriter), Richard Long (Group Supervisor), Emily Barrow (Agrency Producer).
dir Nigel Dick
pro Graham Redmond
pm Jason Summers
ad Rick Fisher
dp Russ Swanson
cs Arri Alexa / Canon 7D
art Sophia Martinez Moore
mu/st Shannon Hall
au Timothy Brothers
dirt There were a lot of cooks at the beach...but they didn't spoil the broth!

df602 VERTU - Luxury
25th July 2013
loc Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills California
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon 7D
e Bruce Ochmanek
dirt Not so much a cell phone as a way of life

df601 FIAT 500 - Promotion
20th July 2013
loc Long Beach, Huntington Beach California
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon XF300A
pro Vincent Terrazzino
dirt 10 hours shooting from a 20' whaler is the perfect cure for insomnia.

df600 THE LOOK - Pilot
11th, 14th, 27th July 2013
loc Pinup Girls Boutique, Magnolia Blvd., Burbank; Hollywood Blvd, CA
cast Kastle Waserman - w. Doris Mayday, Tony Medina, Micheline Pitt.
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
bcop Bruce Ochmanek
cs Canon 7D (audio Tascam DR-100)
sr Mike Nicastro
e Eddie Ackit, Bruce Ochmanek
dirt Never tried shooting a hair-do's a nightmare!

df599 DIX TRIPS (Vol. 32 & 33) - Tokyo-Narita Bus / Tokyo Subway

29th, 30th June 2013
loc Tokyo, Japan
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon Elph

df598 DIX TRIPS (Vol.38) - Six Things About Bali

20th - 28th June 2013
loc Various Bali, Indonesia
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon Elph

df597 BILLIE RAINBIRD - Cantik Calls
sd 23rd, 25th, 26th, 27th June 2013
loc Sebali Rice Fields; Dewi Cafe Tegalalang; Taman Festival Sanur, Bali, Indonesia 
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon 7D
p Billie Rainbird, Simon Phillips, Kevin Fairley
art Arthur D. Wrecktor 
mu Ketut Arsana Jaya 
e Eddi Ackit
mv 345
dirt It would be a tough ask to find a more spectacular place to have a ham, cheese & tomato sandwich than the balcony at Dewi Cafe Tegalalang. Type "rice fields tegalalang" into Google images to see what I'm talking about.

df596 BILLIE RAINBIRD - Things I Do
sd 20th, 21st, 27th  June 2013
loc Villa Kupu-Kupu, Sebali, Bali, Indonesia 
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon 7D
p Billie Rainbird, Simon Phillips, Kevin Fairley
art Arthur D. Wrecktor
mu Ketut Arsana Jaya 
e Eddi Ackit
mv 344
dirt You can rent this gorgeous location for a few thousand a week. Check out the website here: .

df595 DIX TRIPS (Vol ) - North Norfolk
1st, 2nd June 2013
loc Various Norfolk, England
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon Elph


sd 16th, 20th,25th,26th,27th,28th,29th,30th May; 2nd,13th June; 5th,6th,7th,8th,14th July; 17th,20yh August 2013
loc USA: Beverly Drive, Stuff Studios, Venice Beach Los Angeles CA; Hwy 230, Taos New Mexico
UK: Balham, Bow, Brighton, Chiswick, Southgate, Wallingford, Westminster.   
cast Bob Andrews (The Rumour), Jean Beauvoir (The Plasmatics), Glen Colson, Paul Conroy, Alan Cowderoy, David Hepworth, Pete Glenister, Jona Lewie, Gary Long (Tenpole Tudor) Jerry Miller (The Untouchables), The Mint Juleps, Andy Murray.
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
bcam Andy Murray
cs Canon 7D (audio Tascam DR-100)
e Eddi Ackit

dirt After 30 years I finally get to shoot a man playing an accordian.

df593 DIX TRIPS (Vol 29) - Route 66 - LA to Taos NM

18th, 19th May 2013
loc Various California, Arizona, New Mexico
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon Elph

df592 KRISTINA HELENE - Project
sd 10th May 2013
loc Treehouse Studios, Burbank, CA
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon 7D (audio Tascam DR-100)
dirt She loves Doris Day but grew up listening to Abba.

df591 CLIVE GREGSON - My Kind Of Girl

sd 30th, 31st March 2013
cast Wally Holmes, Ava Dupree, Tickawinda, Andy Murray, Kastle Waserman, Mick Brophy, My Darling Clementine, Robin Hayter & many more.
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly (& many others)
cs Canon 7D (& various iphones, Galaxy SIII's & god knows what else!)
e Eddi Ackit
mv 343
dirt Wally Holmes, the man who wrote "Rock The Boat" for the Hues Corporation, sings the first line.

df590 CARL VERHEYEN - In The Studio

sd 26th March 2013
loc Phantom Recordings, Van Nuys, CA
cast Carl Verheyen, Simon Phillips, Cliff Hugo, Jim Cox
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon 7D
e Eddi Ackit
mv 342 ("Spirit of Julia")
dirt In which I discovered that the pick-ups of a Gibson 335 can be used as a microphone.

df589 DIX TRIPS (Vol24). - Hungary & The King Of Pop

sd October 2012
loc Budapest & Szentendre, Hungary
dir Nigel Dick
cs Canon Elph, Canon 7D
e Eddi Ackit

df588 BAHAMAS MINISTRY OF TOURISM - Behold The Bahamas

sd 15th, 16th, 17th, 19th January 2013
loc Bock Cay, Children's Cay, Musha Cay, Neighbour Cay - Exuma, The Bahamas
agc The Zimmerman Agency: Andy Jorishie (Exec VP), Rob Kerr (SVP Creative Director), Jason Piroth (Assoc Creative Director), Michael LaGuttuta (agency producer)
cast Shekara Ledard, Rick Fox, David Copperfield
dir Nigel Dick
pro Justin Diener
pm John O'Connor, (Asst. prod super: Alicia Martinez)
ad Travis Gold w. Stephen Maddocks
dp Matteo Londono
sc Christian Gibson
au Patrick Longman (aerial dp) Paul Barth (chopper pilot)
cs Alexa
art Alex Pacion
st Jocelyn Goldstein
mu Susan Haddon (Shekara, Rick Fox), Jeff Francis (David Copperfield)
sr Mike Harvey
ss Mel Taksen
e Eric Brackett (Beast Editorial)
tc Billy Gabor (Company 3, Atlanta)
dirt The seaplane is a Cessna Caravan and Shekara is pretty sure she was an extra in df.326!

df587 THIS DAY IN MUSIC - The Rolling Stones

sd 22nd December 2012
loc Stuff Studios, Los Angeles, CA
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon XF300A
e Eddi Ackit
dirt The ringtone was originally titled "Silver or Lead".

df586 DIX TRIPS (Vol. 23) - WARSAW, POLAND

sd 13th October 2012
loc Warsaw Poland
dir Nigel Dick
cs Canon Elph
e Eddi Ackit

df585 (Production Cancelled)

df584 THIS DAY IN MUSIC - Classic Rock

sd 7th November 2012
loc Stuff Studios, Los Angeles, CA
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon XF300A
e Eddi Ackit
dirt Original music by the fabulous Anto Drennan.

df583 DIX TRIPS (Vol21). - Harold's Farm

sd August 2012
loc See df582
dir Nigel Dick
cs Canon Elph
e Eddi Ackit

df582 DAUGHTRY - Start Of Something Good

30th August 2012
loc McLeansville Rd, McLeansville, North Carolina
cast Niki Coyne, Christian Nulty
dir Nigel Dick
pro / ad Adam Lawson
pm Jason Summers
dp Jessica Young
bcop D.P. Quickly
cs Red Epic / Canon 7D
mu Sophie Wilson (Daughtry), Crystal Largen (cast)
e Eddi Ackit
tc Marshall Plante (NTropic)
mv 341
dirt Chris's ride was a 1952 Chevy Styleline christened "the Scalded Dog" and the motorcycle was a 1970  BSA A65 Clubman.

df581 BETH HART - Bang! Bang!

21st August 2012
loc Ave. T & Longview, Palmdale, CA
cast Scott Guetzow, Rudy Villagrana
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
ad KC Grim
dp Cale Finot
bcop D.P. Quickly
cs Sony F3 / Canon 7D
art Jeanine Ringer
mu Cathy Highland
st Sasa Jalai (Beth Hart), Angie Solouki (cast)
e Eddi Ackit
tc Marshall Plante (NTropic)
mv 340
dirt The '48 Caddy Limo was once used by mobster Bugsy Siegel. Location also used in (df540).

df580 THIS DAY IN MUSIC - Band Aid

12th August 2012
loc Stuff Studios, LA
dir Nigel Dick
cs Canon XF300A
e Eddi Ackit
dirt Remembering my own personal Woodstock .

df579 ROCK CITY LA - 

August 2012 - May 2013
loc Los Angeles CA, New York City
cast (Including guest spots by India Allen, Dan Aykroyd, Steve Lukather, C.J. Vanston) Brian Davidson, Mike Hill, Jamie Moreno, Aaron Marc. 
ep India Allen, Nigel Dick, Fuliane Petikyan, Morgan Margoles
pro India Allen, Fuliane Petikyan,Topher Stott, Terry Moshenberg, John Hughes
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon XF300A, GoPro, Canon 7D
cop D.P. Quickly, Jim Zaguroli, Dylan Goss, Max Hall
ppp Nazeli Kodjoian (Sunset Edit)
e Kevin Filippini, Deji La Ray
im Nigel Dick (Episode 1)
ol Daniel Miranda
tc James Brill
dirt I was much impressed by Dan Aykroyd who knew the chemical formula for his vodka...and of his opponents brands too!.

df578 DIX TRIPS (Vol.19) - Waiting For The Tour de France

23rd July 2007
loc Massat, Haute Pyrenees, France
dir Nigel Dick
cs Panasonic DVX100
e Eddi Ackit
dirt Shot during Stage 15 of the 2007 TdF - this stage was eventually won by Kim Kirchen.

df577 DIX TRIPS (Vol.18) - The Dublin Dart

Dublin Ireland
dir Nigel Dick
cs Canon Elph
e Eddi Ackit
dirt Shot on the afternoon of a "Where's Wally" convention in the centre of Dublin. I had great difficulty getting shots without people in stripey red & white outfits.

df576 STEVE LUKATHER - Luke's Next Record

C.J. Vanston
sd 26th April 2012
loc Treehouse Studio, Burbank California
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon XF300A
e Eddi Ackit
dirt As many things are, it was all about Richard Marx.

df575 DIX TRIPS (Vol.17) - VERMONT - Country Roads

dir Nigel Dick
cs Gopro, Canon Elph
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt Note to self: Don't use a white car for something like this.

df574 TOTO - Sizzle Reel

dir Nigel Dick
crew see DF552 for further listings
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt 6 Grammys and 35,000,000 albums - not bad for a bunch of schoolkids from the valley.
Sizzle Reel.

df573 DIX TRIPS (Vol.16) - Catalina Island

dir Nigel Dick
cs Canon 7D, Canon Elph
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt Sat next to Spencer Davis at breakfast the day I shot this.

df572 DIX TRIPS (Vol.15) - The Garden

dir Nigel Dick
loc Stuff Studios, Los Angeles, CA
cs Canon 7D

ed Eddi Ackit
dirt Bought myself an 85mm lens, so I went and practised. 

df571 DIX TRIPS (Vol.14) - Textures Of Verona

 Nigel Dick
cs Canon 7D
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt Funny how even a grating stuffed with dead leaves looks wonderful in Italy. 

df570 DIX TRIPS (Vol.13) - Ten Things I Learned About Malaysia

dir Nigel Dick
loc Kula Lumpur, Malaysia
cs Canon 7D, GoPro, Canon Elph
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt It took me days to realise that I'd arrived in Malaysia with many incorrect western preconceptions - travel certainly broadens the mind. 

df569 CARL VERHEYEN - Dean Markley Stills
Stuff Studios, Los Angeles, CA
ph Nigel Dick
dirt New shirt alert. 

df568 STAND UP FOR KIDS - They're Kids PSA

 Nigel Dick
loc Chicago Illinois
dp Greg Ephraim
bcop D.P. Quickly
cs Canon 7D
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt You need an address to get a job! 

df567 LEANN RIMES - Spitfire

sd  15th, 16th, 17th, 19th March 2012
loc Capitol Studios, Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, CA.
cast LeAnn Rimes...with David Baerwald, Darrell Brown, Paul Franklin, Steve Jordan, Dean Parks, Dan Tyminski, Waddy Wachtel, Willie Weeks, Dan Wilson,
pc DNA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
dp Marcos Durian
cop Nate Anderson, Marcos Durian, Greg Ephraim, Mathew Kubas, Alex Lehman, Vaness Manlunas, DP Quickly,
cs  (24p) Canon EOS C300, Canon XF300A, Canon 7D, Canon 5D, Canon Elph, Contour HD. 24p
sr Aaron Lawrence
ed Eddi Ackit
tc Marshall Plante (NTropic)
mv 338 (What Have I Done) 339 (Borrowed)
dirt In awe of Willie Weeks who played on Randy Newman's "Good Old Boys". A long-time favourite of mine.

df566 NICKELBACK - Lullaby

  27th & 29th January; 8th & 9th March 2012
loc Anderson St Warehouse; Central City Studios; Cohasset St, Los Angeles, CA
pc DNA Films
cast Justin Hughes (Dad), Madisen Hill (Mom), Luke Baird (Baby), Shea Patrick (Doc), Vanessa Rose Parker (Nurse).
dir Nigel Dick
pro Jeremy Sullivan & Josh Martinez
ad Lennie Appelquist & Jesse Sternbaum
dp Greg Ephraim
bcop D.P. Quickly
cs  Arri Alexa, Canon 7D / 24p, Canon XF300A
st  Arielle Antoine, Zoe Battles
mu  Jamie Sorkin, Maxi, Erika Frank
art Alex Pacion & Robert Romanus
cd  Dan Cowan, Broadcast Casting
ed Eddi Ackit
tc Marshall Plante (NTropic)
vfx Kevin Kim (Bonch TV)
mv 337
dirt The job that went into production three times in three months.

df565 FRANK GAMBALE SOULMINE feat. BOCA - Forbidden Kiss

  9th & 10th January 2012
loc No Bar, Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, CA; Pinochios Restaurant Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA.
pc Dickfilms
cast Erin Conroy (, Josh Brodis
dir Nigel Dick
pro Josh Martinez & Ben Murphy
dp Marcos Durian
cs  Canon 7D / 24p
mu  Erika Frank
art Art D. Wrecktor
ed Eddi Ackit
mv 336
dirt Be nice to drummers. Sometimes they find gigs for you.


  23rd December 2011
loc Stuff Studios, Los Angeles
pc Dickfilms
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs  Canon XF300 HD
art Art D. Wrecktor
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt "And if I say to you tomorrow..."

  19th December 2011
loc Stuff Studios, Los Angeles
pc Dickfilms
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs  Canon XF300 HD
art Art D. Wrecktor
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt The Gibson acoustic last appeared in df 525.

df562 PEPSI - Music / Ali Zafar
  29th, 30th November 2011
cast Ali Zafar, Mathira, Mad Sally
loc KL Live, Jalan Suldan Ismeil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
pc Applebox Asia
dir Nigel Dick
ep Mr. Khoo
ad/ep Farah Fatah
pro Josephine Ong
dp Chin Chen Fong
cd Leon Choy
cs 35mm
ed Ann Foenander
tc Alan Mittlestead
pfx Peter Reil (Basecamp VFX - Kuala Lumpur)
dirt Ali Zafar's greatest musical influences? Floyd, Zepp, Queen 

df561 JOURNEY TO A DREAM - Garmin Cervelo Team Presentation

 12th - 17th November 2011
cast Alex Howes, Peter Stetina & Jonathan Vaughters with Tyler Farrar, Ryder Hesjedal, David Millar, Ramunas Navardauskas, Johan Van Summeren, Christian Vande Velde
loc Various, Boulder, Colorado
pc Dickfilms
dir / pro Nigel Dick
cs Canon XF300HD / 30p
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt Ryder probably hates me now...I made him chat to me for 30 minutes and didn't use the footage.


23rd October 2011
loc Stuff Studios, LA
pc Dickfilms
dir / pro Nigel Dick
cs Canon XF300HD
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt My proudest achievement - I'm an incorrect answer to one of the trivia questions.

22nd October 2011
loc Stuff Studios, LA
pc Dickfilms
dir Nigel Dick
pro Lennie Appelquist
cs Canon XF300HD
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt Note to self. Don't agree to shoot dialogue in a hotel next to a runway.

df558 DAVID PAICH - Africa U.N. Edit
15th September 2011
loc Stuff Studios, LA
pc Dickfilms
dir Nigel Dick
cs Canon 7D (25)
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt What they said when it was screened at the U.N.: "people were standing up, I'm talking Presidents of over 40 countries were going nuts!"

df557 HUES CORPORATION - Rock The Boat Medley
 3rd September 2011
loc Marriott Hotel LAX
pc Dickfilms
dir Nigel Dick
dp Nate Anderson
camb D. P. Quickly
cs Canon 7D (30), Contour HD, Pansonic HVX 200
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt Their big closing number is not, as you'd imagine, "Rock The Boat" but "Love Train" originally performed by the artists I worked with on df. 294.

df556 LEANN RIMES - Give

 17th, 18th August 2011
cast Alyssa, Antonio, Cat, Chandell (Mickey), Crystal, Dexter (Twin), Don, Jamal, Joloni, Keith, Miguel (Shaggy), Patricia, TB, Tonii & many more...
loc West Addison & area, Chicago, Illinois
pc DNA Films LA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
ad Michael Phillips
dp Greg Ephraim
camb D. P. Quickly
cs Canon 7D (23.97)
ed Stefanie Visser
tc Mark @ Sunset Edit
mv 335
dirt A big thank-you to the homeless kids of Chicago for their honesty and their time.

df555 LEANN RIMES - Live Concert (Good Hearted Woman / Bottle Let Me Down)
 15th August 2011
loc Joe's Bar, Weed Street, Chicago, Illinois
pc DNA Films LA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
dp Greg Ephraim
cops Nathan Anderson, Greg Ephraim, Jeremy Jackson, D. P. Quickly, Marcin Szalkowski, Ashlee Wells
cs Canon 5D, 7D, GoPro, Contour HD, Panasonic HVX 200a (23.97)
ed Eddi Ackit
tc Shane Reed, Company 3
mv 333, 334
dirt I'd pay good money to hear LeAnn cover some Etta James tunes.

df554 TARGET - Happy Birthday Tony 

 1st, 3rd August 2011
loc Cine Magic Stage, Elizabeth St, NYC; Red Studios, Cahuenga Blvd., LA
cast Jackie Evancho, Josh Groban, Alejandro Sanz, Carrie Underwood.
agc John Lick, Gary Tassone (Target)
pc DNA Films, LA,
dir Nigel Dick
pro Heather Heller
dp Russ Swanson
cs Red Epic
ad Ken Stapleton (NYC), Matt Smith (LA)
art Clayton Keiber (NYC), Phillip Duffin (LA)
ss Andrea Fontaine (NYC), Edye Rice (LA) 
ms Rick Meyer @ Rumble Music Minneapolis
ed Brian Slater @ Fisher Edit
dirt Hard to grasp how universal the Happy Birthday tune really is. However the Spanish version is quite a mouthful.

df553 JENNY CRAIG - Carrie Fisher Live Weigh, Disappear, Door Knocking 
 28th July 2011
loc Royal Alexandra Theatre, King St. West, Toronto; Pie In The Sky Studio, Donlands Ave., Toronto, Canada
agc Ray Connolly, Chris Toffioli @ Y&R
cast Carrie Fisher, Gwenlyn Cumin 
pc DNA Films, LA,
lpc Luper Films, Toronto
dir Nigel Dick
pro Lewis Weinstein
agp Laura Keseric
pm Ken Caines
dp Marc Laliberte Else
cs Canon 7D
ad Jeff Cowan
art Michael (Spike) Parks
fs Joan Tsooulias
st Mindy Saad
mu Tracey Peart
hr Chris Ibbetson
ss Gwen Wellman
ed Tad Fatum @ Cut & Run, Los Angeles
dirt A very confusing day. Just when you think you've seen it all...We had two ladies on set called Gwen.

df552 TOTO - Live Concert
 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th July 2011
loc Straubing (Jazz an der Donau) Germany; Ulm (Kloster), Germany; Zurich (Live @ Sunset), Switzerland; Castello di Scaligero, Villafranca di Verona, Italy
pc DNA Films LA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Steve Tobenkin
cops Tim van der Voort, Merlijn Dielemans, Peter D Greeneveld, Kees Patijn, D. P. Quickly, Bart van Rijn, Harriet Sheard, Menno Teunissen, Steve Tobenkin, Nick Wheeler, Justin Wysong.
cs Sony HDC 1500, Canon 7D, GoPro, Contour HD
ed Nigel Dick
dirt Calling the shots on this show was the fastest 2 hours of my life.

df551 KIM KARDASHIAN - True Reflection
 9th July 2011
loc Oakland Street, Pasadena, CA.
lpc Maze Productions
dir Nigel Dick
pro Fuliane Petikyan
pm Joshua Martinez
dp Omer Ganai
ad Lennie Appelquit
st Eric Berg
mu Mario
art Liz Kay
cs Arri Alexa
pfx Arsenal FX
dirt We decided the look should be somewhere around 1958, but when I saw that grogeous '60 Corvette I put that plan in the trash.

df550 THE BRILLIANT THINGS - Something To Say
 17th June 2011
loc Film Base, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland
lpc Speers Film, Dublin
dir Nigel Dick
pro Ned O'Hanlon
pm Dara McClatchie

dp Ciaran Tanham
ad Sandra Corbally
lm Maria O'Connor
mu Love Hawkridge
art Daragh Lewis
cs Canon 7D
ed Eddi Ackit
mv 332
dirt How many female bass players do I have on my reel? One now.

df549 CHEAP TRICK / PLEAD THE FIFTH - Live Concert
 15th June 2011
loc Olympia Theater, Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland
dir Nigel Dick
pro Ned O'Hanlon
cop Ciaran Tanham, Tom Speers, D.P. Quickly, Richard Doyle and...
cs Canon 7D, Canon 5D
dirt It's been 309 dickfilms since I last shot Cheap Trick.

df548 TOTO - Tour EPK
 24th-27th May 2011
loc Power Plant, Hinds Ave., North Hollywood, CA
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic DVX200, Canon 7D, GoPro, Contour HD.
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt They played live versions of both df179 & df 180.

df547 CARL VERHEYEN - Dean Markley Strings
 13th May 2011
loc Stuff Studios, Los Angeles, CA
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic DVX200, Canon 7D
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt My neighbors were most impressed by Carl's noodlings - and thought it was me playing guitar. As if.

df546 DAVID COOK - The Last Goodbye
 5th, 6th May 2011
loc Harvard House Motel, Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles / Sycamore Cove, Malibu, CA
pc Bikini Films
dir Nigel Dick
pro Jeremy Sullivan
ad K.C. Grim

dp Jessica Young
cs Canon D5, Canon D7
art Michelle Daniels
st Brandy St. John
mu-hr Courtney Herrera / Tara Loren
ed Eddi Ackit
tc Cory Berendzen @ New Hat
mv 331
dirt DC's plunge into the waves was entirely voluntary.

df545 YEAR OFF - Part 2
 2nd May 2011
loc Woodland HIlls, CA
cast (incl) Haddon Cord, Carl Verheyen, Dave Marotta, Walfredo Reyes Jr.
dir Nigel Dick
pro Cord Pereira
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic DVX200, Canon 7D
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt Shot in the cleanest rehearsal space I've ever seen.

df544 WONDERLAND - Starlight
 13th, 14th, 15th April 2011
loc Salton Sea, Brawley, Glamis, CA
pc Bikini Films / DNA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Josh Martinez
dp Adam Santelli
bcop D.P. Quickly, Phil Barnes
cs Canon D5, Canon D7
art Michelle Daniels
st Michelle Featherstone
mu-hr Kerry Herta
ed Eddi Ackit, Warren Meneeley
tc Martin Southworth @ Nice Biscuits (London)
mv 330
dirt We used some of the same locations as df.166.

df543 LOUIS ARMSTRONG - Boxed Set
 21st March 2011
loc Louis Armstrong House, 34-56 107th Street, Corona, NY
dir / pro Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic HVX200
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt In which I learned that 'Satchmo' got his nickname from a British music journalist who used to write for Melody Maker.

df542 THE WANTED - Gold Forever
 1st March 2011
loc 33 Portland Place, London W1
pc Bikini Films
dir Nigel Dick
pro Malachy McAnenny
dp Jake Polonski
ad Rawdon de Fresnes
sc Gerry Vasbenter
cs Arri Alexa
art Sam Tidman
ch Beth Honan
ed Clayton Coop
tc Matt Turner @ Rushes
mv 329
dirt Shot in the location where Geoffrey Rush taught Colin Firth to stop stuttering in The King's Speech. It was previously owned by the Sierra Leone government and then purchased by the infamous "Fast Eddie" Davenport.

df541 CLIVE GREGSON - Bittersweet
 17th January 2011
loc Ready Mix Music, Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA
cast (Clive's band) Mark Griffiths, Andy Murray, Chris Parks, Andy Roberts
dir Nigel Dick
ep Andy Murray
pro Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon 7D
ed Eddi Ackit
mv 328
dirt CG sings in the room in which Jackson Browne wrote 'The Pretender.'
web Bittersweet

df540 3 BOXES - Wranglin'
 13th-14th January 2011
loc Capra Road & Placerita Cyn Road, Santa Clarita, CA and Longview Rd, Pearblossom CA
cast Nicole Woodard (Spirit of the Desert)
dir Nigel Dick
ep Andy Murray
pro Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Canon 7D, Panasonic DVX200,
ed Eddi Ackit
mv 327
dirt In which the sidemen of such bands as Pink Floyd, The Scaffold, Richard Thompson, Nanci Griffith, The Shadows, Hank Wangford & The Liverpool Scene get to strut their stuff in the high desert.
web Wranglin'

df539 YEAR OFF
 13th-16th December 2010
loc Sunset Sound, Hollywood CA, Playback Studios, Santa Barbara, CA
cast (incl) Haddon Cord, Carl Verheyen, Dave Marotta, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Jim Cox
dir Nigel Dick
pro Cord Pereira
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic DVX200, Canon 7D, Contour HD Helmet cam, Flip Cam
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt We shot in the studio where some of Led Zepp II was mixed.

 18th October 2010
loc Varenna & Bellagio (Lake Como) Riomaggiore & Manarola (Cinqueterre), Italy
dir Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Flip Cam
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt I lied. You can't actually get back to Varenna from Cadenabbia without going via Bellagio first.
Lake Como, Italy
Cinqueterre, Italy

df537 WONDERLAND - Not A Love Song
 31st October 2010
loc Ventura Farms, Potrero Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA
pc Bikini Films, London & DNA Films LA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Fuliane Petikyan
dp Eric Maddison
bcop Phil Barnes, D.P. Quickly
cs Arri Alexa, Canon D7
ad Lennie Appelquist
art Robert Romanus
st Nicole Houston
mu Lica Fensome
hr Kevin Ford
ed Warren MeNeeley
tc Simone Grattarola @ Rushes, London
mv 326
dirt The guitar in the background has John Lennon's DNA on it.

df536 THE WANTED - Lose My Mind
 1st October 2010
loc Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, Coney Island, NY
cast Aaron Monet (Angry funfair boss)
pc Bikini Films, London
dir Nigel Dick
pro Scott Clark
pm Robert Smyth
dp Martin Ahlgren
sc Ian Woolston-Smith
bcop Pedro Corcega
cs Red, Canon D7
ad Diamond Dave
art Kai Lee
st Erin Turron
mu Mia Bauman
hr Kathryn Smyth
ed Warren MeNeeley
tc Simone Grattarola @ Rushes, London
mv 325
dirt The Wonder Wheel is 90 years old and was designed and built on the spot by German engineers. It is the only one of its kind in the world. 

df535 BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - Bittersweet Memories
 14th September 2010
loc Last Gas, E Street, Lancaster , CA
cast Leven Rambin, Geoff Clark
pc DNA Films, LA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
dp Russel Griffith
bcop Alex Disenhof
cs Canon D5, D7
ad Lennie Appelquist
art Joseph Edelson
st Annie Bloom
mu Misa Aikawa
ed Eddi Ackit w. Bruce Ochmanek
tc Clark Muller (Company 3)
mv 324
dirt Despite the wind in their hair the princes of Wales rocked the high desert...then they rejected the video.

 13th September 2010
loc CS Warehouse, Anderson St., Los Angeles, CA
cast Jessica Cropper, Nikki Dalonzo, Rayne Marcus, Katie Miller, Nicole Woodard
pc DNA Films, LA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Paul Bock
dp Russel Griffith
acop D.P. Quickly
bcop Alex Disenhof
cs Canon D5, D7
ad Lennie Appelquist
art Joseph Edelson
st Annie Bloom
mu Misa Aikawa
ch Nicole Sciacca
ed Eddi Ackit
tc Clark Muller (Company 3)
pfx Arsenal FX
mv 323
dirt Note to self - don't do location scouts when you've been up for 23 hours. 

df533 JOE McELDERRY - Ambitions 
 10th September 2010
loc Nu Boyana Film Studios, Sofia, Bulgaria
cast Liam Francis, Liam Lunniss (the boy with the script), Donna-Louise Mary-Blake, Marianna Neofitou (the girl with the coffee cup), Ivo Tonchev (the Producer).
pc Bikini Films, London
dir Nigel Dick
pro Ben Sullivan
dp Eric Maddison
sc Lorenzo Senatore
cs Red Mysterion
ad Mark Roper
art Kess Bonnet
st Brayan McMahon (JM), Jani Stoichkova
mu Crystabel Riley
cd Marian Stanisheva
ch Elizabeth Honan
ed Claudia Wass
tc Simone Grattarola @ Rushes, London
mv 322
dirt 21 is my lucky number. There are also 21 stages in the Tour de France.

Going To Boyana

df532 ROCK N ROAD - Greg Gold Project
1st July, 12th July 2010
loc E 7th Street & Hammer Museum, Westwood, Los Angeles
cast Saint Motel, Imagine Dragons
dir Greg Gold
pro Adam Lebovitz, Nolan Lebowitz
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic HVX200AP @ 1080/30, Countour HD Cam
dirt 15 P2 cards in one day & same location as df 160.

df531 MATTEL - Monster High 
 26th, 27th June 2010
loc Western Technical School, Toronto, Canada
ag Vonnie Cameron & Wendy Trilling @ Y&R
cast Angela Duscio, Melanie Mah, Brittany Cole, Avril Wu, Cassandra Caccioppoli, Catina Duscio, Megan Mackenzie, Cody Bonnell, Taylor Belnavis,
pc DNA Films, LA,
lpc Mad Films, Toronto

dir Nigel Dick
pro Lewis Weinstein
agp Laura Keseric
dp Pierre Rouger
cs 16mm
ad Jeff Cowan
art Callum MacLachlan
st Janet Summers
mu Jordana Maxwell
hr Janet Jackson
cd Natalie Galazka
ch Chantelle Leonardo & Melissa Panton
ss Catherine Taylor
ed Richard Cooperman
tc Rob Sciaratta (Co. 3)
pfx Solid 
mv 321
dirt I couldn't get on the web from my hotel room so I complained.  "Here's you're problem," they said, "you're using a Mac!".
Monster High Fright Song
The Making Of

df530 DESTINEE & PARIS - Pretend 
 5th June 2010
loc Ocean Studios, Burbank, CA
pc DNA Films, LA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Justin Si Diener
dp Giles Dunning
cs 16mm
ad Lennie Appelquist
art Evan Rohde
st Alexis Beck
mu Mylah Morales
hr Riccardo Ferisse
ed Declan Whitebloom
tc Brian Linse (Co. 3)
mv 320
dirt That J200 Destinee is playing is my dream guitar. Tried to stick it under my coat as I left...

df529 CARL VERYHEYEN BAND - The Road Divides
4th June 2010 (B-Roll: 11/10/10, 11/18/10)
loc Musician's Institute, Hollywood, CA
dir/pro Nigel Dick
co-pro Steve Tobenkin

show switcher Mike Ellenshaw
lighting Nicholas Lindholm
sound Joe Fiorello
cops Alika Awana, Hector Palacios Jr., Steve Tobenkin, D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic HVX200AP @ 720/60, Panasonic AG-HMC150, Countour HD Cam
ed Eddi Ackit
tc Bruce Ochmanek
dirt 40 minutes prep for a 90 minute show.

df528 POM WONDERFUL - Masseuse 
21st April 2010
cast Dave Zabriskie
loc Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
dir/pro Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic HVX200AP @ 720/24pn
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt I've worked with professional actors who could learn a thing or two from DZ about memorizing their lines.

10th April 2010
loc North Hollywood, CA
dir/pro Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic HVX200AP @ 720/24pn
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt I suspect that my suggestion for "Cockney Farmboys" as a suitable moniker for their project was not taken seriously.

dir/pro Nigel Dick
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt I love the way Carl says,"Same shirt-alert!"

df525 NICKELBACK - This Afternoon 

30th, 31st March 2010
loc South Oaklawn Ave., South Pasadena, CA
cast Kevin Farley (beer truck dude), Nick Clark (ringleader), Tom Detrinis (cross-dressing student), Justin Beals (fake cop student), Eric Fallecker (Eric the student), Malcolm Devine (ballplayer #78), Matt Spanos (ballplayer #64), Holly Weber (female cop), Maynor Lopez (male cop).
pc DNA Films, LA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Lewis Weinstein
dp Chris Probst
bcop Dan Ming
cs 35mm
ad Lennie Appelquist
art Evan Rohde
st Arielle Antoine
mu Kim Todd
ch Nicole Sciacca
ed Declan Whitebloom
ppp Brett Marx
tc Rob Sciaratta (Co. 3)
pfx Sunset Editorial
mix Jeff Fuller (Eleven)
mv 319
dirt The bass Mike plays is my old Stiff All Stars stalwart and previously appeared in Madness's "Our House" video df.006. Ryan is playing a '64 Gibson acoustic which I bought in a junk store in Kansas City Missouri while prepping for df 296.

df524 DICK'S RIDE 

22nd, 24th February, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 11th March 2010
loc Los Angeles CA
dir/pro Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Contour HD1080 Helmet Cam
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt The Helmet Cam doesn't like bumpy bits.

df523 BREAKING BENJAMIN - Give Me A Sign 

18th February 2010
loc Goldwater Memorial Hospital, Roosevelt Island, New York
cast Shane Kearns (man), Hannah Fierman (girl), Tom Knutson (bald man), Walker Hare (angel), Zachary Shirley (boy).
pc DNA Films, LA
dir Nigel Dick
pro Lewis Weinstein
dp Joe Zizzo
cs Arri D21
ad Doug Torres
art Kai Lee
st Moses Moreno / Anna Shimonis
mu Nicole Blanco
ed Declan Whitebloom
ppp Cynthia Shreves
pfx Mark Leiss , Eli Guerron (Arsenal FX)
tc Rob Sciaratta (Co. 3)
mv 318
dirt Don't ask me what I think about the new generation of digital cameras because, to quote the inimitable Peter Green, "I might not give the answer that you want me to!"

df522 STEVE LUKATHER - All's Well That Ends Well 

4th, 5th, 8th-12th, 22nd, 23rd February, 8th,9th,12th April,
7th,11th,13th,17th, 24th May, 20th September 2010
loc Studio City, CA
cast Steve Lukather with...Carlitos Delpuerto, Jake Hayes, Tina Lukather, Trevor Lukather, Steve MacMillan, Jory Steinberg, Eric Valentine, CJ Vanston, Fee Waybill, Steve Weingart, Joseph Williams
dir/pro Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic HVX200AP @ 720/24pn, Flip Ultra HD
ed Eddi Ackit 
mv 317 (Flash In The Pan)
dirt The board which reads "The state of Nigel's penis."

df521 CARL VERHEYEN - Bimbo 
2nd February 2010

loc Verheyen Towers, CA
dir/pro Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic DVX100a
ed Eddi Ackit
dirt This Bimbo has some nice knobs and a sexy attenuator button.

df520 GARMIN TRANSITIONS - Training Camp 

27th-30th January 2010
cast Julian Dean, Tyler Farrar, Frederik Kessiakoff, Dan Martin, David Millar, Christian Vande Velde, Johan Van Summeren, David Zabriskie & the rest of the Garmin Transitions Cycling Team. 
loc Calpe, Spain
dir/pro Nigel Dick
dp D.P. Quickly
cs Panasonic HVX200AP @ 1080/30, Contour1080 Helmet Cam 
ed Unknown (BBC Sports), Owen Gurwell (Garmin Edge 500)
dirt Breakfast in Alicante, dinner in Los Angeles. baggage in Madrid.

df519 STIFF ALL STARS - Something For The Weekend

Various January 2010
loc USA: Los Angeles CA, Austin TX, Houston TX, UK: Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Wallingford Japan: Tokyo
dir Nigel Dick / Andy Murray
cop Andy Murray / Nigel Dick / Various
cs Panasonic DVX100a, Canon 500D Digital SLR, Flip HD
ed Eddi Ackit
mv 316
dirt Made thru the web by over 50 folk in 5 countries on 3 continents. 

(* denotes artists I've done work for rather than artists I've worked with.)

Bryan Adams.....366,
Maud Adams.....177,
Oleta Adams.....238,
Ace Of Bass.....370,
Alice In Chains.....296,
India Allen.....579,
Pamela Anderson.....498,
Bob Andrews.....594,
Criss Angel.....498,
Rick Ankiel.....506,
Adam Ant.....255,

Marc Anthony.....369,
Any Trouble.....101,493,628
Tina Arena.....335,369
Michael Arnold.....442,
Peter Asher.....498,
The Associates(*).....120,
Jon Astley.....163,
Dan Aykroyd.....579,

Magnus Backstedt.....495, 499
Backstreet Boys.....352,353,382,425,
Bad Company.....199,
Bad 4 Good.....288,
David Baerwald.....567,
Martin Balsam.....145.
Talia Balsam.....145,
Band Aid.....36,143,580
Jimmy Barnes.....241,242,
Eric Bazilian.....311,
BB Mak.....413,
Amanda Beard.....506,
Jean Beauvoir.....182,183,594,
The Belle Stars.....07,10,14,16,
Tony Bennett.....481,554*
Sandra Bernhard.....236,
Big Bam Boo.....200,
Big Brovaz.....450,
Gregg Bissonette.....631,
Black Sabbath.....286,
The Blind Boys Of Alabama.....454,
Alan Blumenfeld.....391,392,466,513,519
Michael Bolton.....225,
Lisa Bonet.....292,
Jon Bon Jovi.....278,
The Boomtown Rats.....30,36,114,
The Borrowers.....340,
Monk Boudreaux.....454,
Toni Braxton.....476
Breaking Benjamin.....523,
The Brilliant Things.....550,
Britny Fox.....188,
Brian Bromberg.....631
Darrell Brown.....567,
Michael Buble.....481,
Bullet Boys.....195,203,
Bullet For My Valentine.....534,535
Sophia Bush.....408,
Henry Butler.....454,

Kevin Cahoon.....468,
Stan Campbell.....164,
Jerry Cantrell.....296, 430,
Dana Carvey.....282,
Felix Caviliere.....255,
Cheap Trick.....239,240,549,
Emmanuelle Chriqui.....481,
The Christians.....173,
Claudia Church....446,
Eric Clapton(*).....128,
Jon Cleary.....454,
Marc Cohn.....311,
Phil Collen.....201,332,333,477,527,
Phil Collins.....36,
Marc Colombo.....443,
Glen Colson.....594,
Graham Colton....494,
Tyler Connely (Theory Of A Dead Man).....432,
Paul Conroy.....594,
David Cook.....546,
Cool For August.....361,
Alice Cooper.....216,224,227,231,232,234,
Julian Cope.....103,
David Copperfield.....588,
Haddon Cord.....539,545,
The Corrs.....358,365,399,457,
Cowboy Junkies.....337,
Alan Cowderoy.....594,
Jim Cox.....539,590,

Crimson Jazz Trio...479,
Sheryl Crow.....474,
Rodney Crowell.....446,
Cry Of Love.....298,
The Cult.....230,
The Cunninghams.....349,
Billy Ray Cyrus.....289, 

Tom Danielson.....495,561,
Michael Dantuono.....442,
Dashboard Confessional.....455,
Taylor Dayne.....233,236,
Julian Dean.....495,499,514,520,
Paul Dean.....202,
Def Leppard.....201,332,333,477
Desmond Dekker*.....594.
Carlitos Delpuerto.....522,
Destinee & Paris.....530,
Dean Devlin.....364,
D Generation.....339,
Erin Dilly.....468,
Celine Dion.....326,338,
Dire Straits(*).....149,
The Dixie Cups.....454,
Dix Trips.....538,570,571,572,573,575,577,578,
Doctor Hook.....102,
The Doors(*).....142,
Marc Dorsey.....378,
Michael Douglas.....499,

David Dukes.....177
Duran Duran.....36,
Bob Dylan (*).....563,

The Eagles(*).....130,
Snooks Eaglin.....454,
Echo And The Bunnymen(*).....108,141,
Zac Efron.....469,
Lisa Eilbacher.....177,
The Escape.....22,
Raul Esparza.....468,
Gloria Estefan.....386,
Everything But The Girl(*).....111,127,
Bob Ezrin.....287

Tyler Farrar.....514,520,561,
Kevin Farley.....391,392,466,470,525,
Fifth Harmony.....618
Carrie Fisher.....553,
Bela Fleck.....446,
Florida Georgia Line.....612
Lita Ford.....275,276,280,
Robben Ford(*).....276,
Elyar Fox.....611,
Rick Fox (LA Lakers).....588,
Paul Franklin.....567,
Judah Friedlander....382,
Friends Again.....21,
Will Frishkorn.....499,
Fruits Of Passion.....147,

Frank Gambale.....565,
David Gant.....438
Janeane Garofolo.....337,
Gareth Gates.....438
Anthony Geary.....145,
Bob Geldof.....36,159,
Bounty Killer.....435,
Boy George.....36,
Robin Gibb.....144,
Pete Glenister.....518,519,594,610
Bobcat Goldthwaite.....236,
Good Charlotte.....401,
Delta Goodrem.....462,
Go West.....295,
Great White.....167,170,176,209,213,217,228,
Green Day.....330,
Clive Gregson.....101,493,508,509,519,540,541,591,628,
Kathy Griffin.....498,
Mark Griffiths...540,
Josh Groban.....554,
Bob Guiney.....448,
Guns 'N Roses....171,185,193,207,226,

Johnny Hallyday.....305,
George Hamilton....317,
M.C. Hammer.....236,
Beth Hart.....581,
Havana Black.....229,
Chesney Hawkes......274,
Ofra Haza.....255.
Hugh Hefner.....498,
Kristina Helene.....592,
John Helliwell (Supertramp).....635
Michael Henderson......154,
Lance Henriksen.....177,
David Hepworth.....594,
Ryder Hesjedal.....499,514,561,
Jennifer Love Hewitt.....321,
Mike Hill.....579,617,
Peter Himmelman.....301,
Bernard Hinault....499,
Hinder.....480, 486,
Brooke Hogan.....458,
Hulk Hogan.....458,
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.....287
Wally Holmes.....591,
Hootie And The Blowfish.....373,
Hope 7.....461
Bruce Hornsby.....255,
House Of Love.....235,
Alex Howes.....561,
Hues Corporation.....557,
Cliff Hugo.....590,
Mylinda Hull.....442,

Enrique Iglesias....380,
Il Divo.....476,484
Indigo Girls.....323,
In Parallel.....33,
Russ Irwin.....281,
Nadine Isenegger.....442,

The Jacksons.....212,
Elton John.....449,481,
Howard Jones.....119,124,133,
James Earl Jones.....236,
Quincy Jones.....236,
Steve Jordan.....454,567,

Nick Kamen.....186,191,
Kim Kardashian.....551,
Dominic Keating.....487,
Kenny G.....204,225,
Rolfe Kent.....519
Frederik Kessiakoff.....520
Kik Tracee.....265,
Ben E. King.....157,
Diana King.....435,
Kool And The Gang.....27,36,
Danny Kortchmar.....454,
Dave Koz.....303,
Diana Krall.....481,
Lenny Kravitz.....255,
Chad Kroeger.....432, (see also Nickelback)
Mark Kudisch.....468,
Kula Shaker.....341,
Mai Kuraki.....465,

David LaChapelle.....498,
Jonny Lang.....454,
Led Zeppelin (*).....564,
Albert Lee.....635,
Amy Lee (Evanescence).....451,
Tommy Lee.....498,
Howard Leese (Heart).....276,529
John Legend.....481,
Paul Le Mat.....145,
Greg Lemond.....492,
Julian Lennon.....284,
Jona Lewie.....20,594,
Huey Lewis & The News.....268,
Sugar Ray Leonard.....225,
Level 42.....138,
Granpa Al Lewis.....300,
Little Angels.....256,258,
Little Richard.....255,
Little Steve (See Steve Van Zandt)
Living Colour.....302,
Kenny Loggins.....502,512,
Gary Long (Tenpole Tudor).....594,
Los Lobos.....197,
Greg Louganis.....263,
Love And Money.....153,
Patty Loveless.....331,
Lene Lovich.....12,
Rob Lowe.....236,
Trent Lowe.....499,
Steve Lukather.....179,180,187,219,246,247,269,270,291,
Trevor Lukather.....522,
Steve Luker.....442,

Martijn Maaskant.....499,514
Kirsty MacColl*.....594.
John Mader.....635,
Mad Sally.....562,
Michael Madsen.....292,
Tina Majorino.....470,
Barry Manilow.....503,
Dave Marotta.....515,529,539,635,
Daniel Martin.....514,520
Ricky Martin.....385,
Matchbox 20.....348
Material Issue.....261,
Nico Mattan.....499,
Jon Mauceri.....287,
Jan Maxwell.....468,
John Mayer.....444,
Paul McCartney.....254,
Ian McCulloch(*).....117,
Kevin McDermott Orchestra.....215,220,221,
Michael McDonald.....255,
Joe McElderry.....533,
Brian McFadden.....394, 459, 463,
Tim McGraw.....481,
Duff McKagan.....185,171,193,207,226,255,
Kim Meisser.....506,
Melanie B.....400,
Eddy Merckx.....514
The Meters.....454,
George Michael.....36,
David Millar.....495,499,514,520,561,
Jerry Miller (The Untouchables).....594,
The Mint Juleps.....594,
Joni Mitchell.....307,
Keb Mo.....345,
Eddie Money.....208,273,
Dudley Moore.....225.
Mandy Moore.....395,401,
Jason Mraz....447,
Megan Mullally.....434,
Derrick Murdock.....565,
Andy Murray.....518,519,594,
Mike Myers.....282,
My Favorite Highway.....496,
Alannah Myles.....255,

Jimmy Nail.....316,
Ramunas Navardauskas.....561,
The Neville Brothers.....454,
Randy Newman.....255,
No Authority.....356,

The Offspring.....344,
The O'Jays.....294,
Ozzy Osbourne.....327,360,

Jimmy Page.....364,
Martin Page.....315,
David Paich....179,180,187,246,247,269,270,291,314,548,552,558,
Earl Palmer.....454,
Holly Palmer.....610, 632,
Robert Palmer.....04.
John Parr.....155,
Dean Parks.....567,
Hope Partlow.....469,
Danny Pate.....495,499,514,
Leon Patillo.....152,
Tatiana Patitz.....186,
Rosie Perez.....212,
Simon Phillips.....314,548,552,574,590,607,633,635,
Taylor Phinney.....495,

Rain Phoenix.....375,
River Phoenix.....157.
Pink Fairies*.....594.
Pink Floyd*.....560,
Micheline Pitt.....600,
Robert Plant.....02,
The Plasmatics*.....594.
Plead The Fifth.....549,
Iggy Pop.....255,
Lloyd Price.....454,
Protocol II.....607,633,
Puff Daddy.....364,
Pussycat Dolls.....471,

Steve Railsback.....177,
Billie Rainbird.....596,597
Bonnie Raitt.....255,345,454,
Eros Ramazotti.....328,359,
Leven Rambin.....535,
Julian Raymond.....609,
Chris Rea.....257,260,
Real McCoy.....306,309,
Red Hot Chilli Peppers.....236,
Red Warriors.....198,
Walfredo Reyes Jr.,.....515,529,539,545,565,
Keith Richards.....454,
LeAnn Rimes.....555,556,567,
Andy Roberts...540,
Smokey Robinson.....178,204,
Rock City Angels.....194,
Andy Roddick.....506,
Paul Rodriguez.....290,
Clayton Rohner.....145,
Rolling Stones.....587,

Roxx Gang.....205,
Michael Rubenstone.....466,519

Saint Motel.....532,
Salt N' Pepa.....290,
Richie Sambora.....368,
Same Difference.....500,
Sam's Funky Nation.....454,
Roselyn Sanchez.....427, 428,
Barry Sanders.....506,
Alejandro Sanz.....554,
Savage Garden.....343,350,
Gerhard Schonbacher.....492,
Nicole Sciacca.....466,513,525,
SClub.....437, 438,
Scooby Doo.....450,
Josey Scott (Saliva)....432,
Katey Segal.....236,
Robert Sella.....468,
Martin Sheen.....334,
Shekara Ledard.....588,
Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Di Scala).....422,
Gene Simmons.....300,
Carly Simon.....311,
Simple Minds.....272,
Jessica Simpson.....398,
Frank Sinatra(*).....151,
Sister Sledge(*).....109,
Smash Palace.....36,
Dallas Smith.....615,620,624,634,

Social Distortion.....342,
J.D. Souther.....446,612
Southside Johnny.....277,278
Spandau Ballet.....36,
Britney Spears.....371,377,384,396,
Bruce Springsteen.....277,278,
Staind.....423,429, 443
Chris Standing.....635,
Ian Stanley.....035,122,131,135,137,156,
Alvin Stardust.....13,
Status Quo.....23,24,29,
Peter Stetina.....561,
Steve Stevens.....218,
Alana Stewart.....317,
Rod Stewart.....482,
Stiff All Stars.....116,518,519,
Joss Stone.....454,
Strawberry Switchblade(*).....113,126,129,
Stuttering John.....300,
Swing Out Sister.....162,166,
Sylvia And The Saphires.....09,11

Jeremy Taggart (Our Lady Peace).....432,
Tears For Fears.....34,35,122,131,135,137,238,245,
The Temptations.....150,
Tenpole Tudor*.....594.
Ten Years After.....222,
Theatre Of Hate.....08,
Third Eye Blind.....357,
Eddie Thomas.....122,156
Irma Thomas.....454,
Tim Thomerson.....196,
Three Boxes...540,
Three Doors Down.....417, 456,
Ernest Tibbs.....607,633,
Andy Timmons.....607,633,
Russ Titelman.....543,
Michael Tolcher.....506,
Allen Toussaint.....454,
Tina Turner.....359,
The Turtles.....161,
Dan Tyminski.....567,

Tracey Ullman.....19,594,
Carrie Underwood.....554,
The Untouchables (Jerry Miller).....594,

Jean-Claude Van Damme.....304,
Christian Vande Velde.....495,499,514,520,561,613
Johan Vansummeren.....520,561,
CJ Vanston.....522,527,576,579,

Steve Van Zandt.....255,277,278,
Jonathan Vaughters.....499,514,561,
Carl Verheyen.....515,521,526,529,539,545,547,569,635,
The Verve Pipe.....336,
Kyle Vincent.....619,
Vinnie Vincent.....189,192,
Virginia Wolf.....146,
Vitamin C.....388,
Voice Of The City.....287,

Waddy Wachtel.....279,567,
Jack Wagner.....160,408,
Walk On Fire.....223,
Ian Wallace....466, 479, 487.
Bill Walton.....613
Kastle Waserman.....466,600
Don Was.....168,174,190,255,368
Was (Not Was).....168,174,190,
Walter Wolfman Washington.....454,
The Wanted.....536,542,
Jody Watley.....36,
Fee Waybill.....522,

Willie Weeks.....454,567,
Steve Weingart.....522,607,633,
Vernon Wells.....145, 
Adam West.....475,
Wil Wheaton.....157,
Bradley Wiggins.....514
Joseph Williams.....179,180,187,522,

Robin Williams.....290,
Vesta Williams.....158,
Dan Wilson.....567,
Wilson Philips.....290,
Bebe & Cece Winans.....290,
Angela Winbush.....172,
Winnie The Pooh.....502,
Stevie Wonder.....481,
Bokeem Woodbine.....334,
Wreckless Eric*.....594,

Dey Young.....408,
Paul Young.....36,

Dave Zabriskie.....495,514,520,528,613
Ali Zafar.....562,
Ahmet Zappa.....255,
Dweezil Zappa.....255,
Moon Unit Zappa.....255,
Anthony Zerb?....145,
Zerra One.....102,
Warren Zevon.....279.
Chip Zien.....468,
ZZ Top(*).....110,134